Flavia Valgiusti

Lawyer,  researcher, social psychologist, advisor in childhood issues, an expert in juvenile criminology, a university professor in neuroscience and law. Speaker and trainer in the judicial system.

Ex Juez. Consultora , conferencista , profesora de criminología y neurociencias. Especialista en Ley informada por el Trauma.

Truma-informed Law & Essential Justice.

“To face the complexities of collective trauma and it’s shadows we need to reconnect with the source of collective awareness”.

–Flavia Valgiusti

My latest work areas. (Areas de trabajo)

Director of the Institute of Neuroscience and Law
Directora del Instituto de Neurociencias y Derecho

Director of the Child and Family interdisciplinary Institute
Directora del Instituto Interdisciplinario del Niño y la Familia

Professor of Neuroscience for Forensic Science (UCES)
Profesora de “Neurociencias y Derecho¨ en la maestría en Ciencias Criminológico Forenses

Coordinator, Argentina Chapter of Collective Trauma Global Project “The Pocket Project”
Coordinadora del Capítulo Argentino del Proyecto Global de Trauma Colectivo “The Pocket Project”