Flavia Valgiusti

Flavia is a Lawyer,  researcher, social psychologist, advisor in childhood issues, an expert in juvenile criminology, a university professor in neuroscience and law. Speaker and trainer in the judicial system.

Former juvenile courts judge  currently heads the Institute of Neuroscience and Law at the Bar Association of San Isidro-Argentina

She has  postgraduate studies in Transpersonal Psychology with Dr. Carlos Martinez Bouquet and  completed her training in collective trauma with Thomas Hübl in Israel.

Currently she is working in Trauma-informed Law programs and leading the chapter of Collective Traumas in Argentina and Latam of the  Pocket Project. 

In recent years she has developed a theoretical line that integrates law and spirituality from a sacred and transcendent vision of Justice.

Flavia es abogada, investigadora, psicóloga social, asesora en temas de infancia, experta en criminología juvenil, profesora universitaria en neurociencias y derecho. 

Ex Juez de Menores y Penal Juvenil, actualmente dirige el Instituto de Neurociencias y Derecho del Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro-Argentina.

Realizó estudios de posgrado en Psicología Transpersonal con el Dr. Carlos Martinez Bouquet y completó su formación en traumas colectivos con Thomas Hübl en Israel.

Actualmente trabaja en programas de ley informada por el trauma y es facilitadora de los capítulos argentino y latinoamericano del Pocket Project, programa global de traumas colectivos del Institute of Inner Sciences.